[Lyric Translation] JYJ – ‘W’ (This Isn’t Goodbye)


ImageWe are painting the ‘W’ in the same way


Here they are.. English translation of JYJ’s song titled ‘W’. Very liking this meaning of the lyrics. Made me shed much tears… TT

Enjoy it … Check this out!


The letters that the stars created in the night sky

I still believe that it is not just by chance

In the same darkness, in the same distance

We are painting the ‘W’ in the same way

We will shine more and more so that you can find us

Keep in mind that I love you …

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I Believe . . . . . !!!!!


Annyeonghaseyo, Dong Bang Shin Ki imnida!!!

Tohoshinki desu!!!

For Cassies, don’t you often hears those kind of words in introduction? Of course! YES! I believe every Cassiopeia all over the world really often to hear those kind of words. It’s not strange anymore to be heard. Because our princess, are always said that.

For me, it’s still sounds good to hear there is still a harmonization of voice there. BUT, don’t know why, it feel strange ~actually, why?~ The words is the same, but the one who said is different. That’s why might made it so strange…..

AND, what I’m really supposed to curious is that, every single time you heard it, have you ever felt like there is something missing? Personally I admitted that I always do. Always see it as a something really odd because of the voices, the two who said that is felt like incomplete in my ears. Especially when I realize the existence of the two of them, not the five of them. I’m surely certain that’s it because in my mind I always believe and regard TVXQ as 5 members in it. Am I wrong? To believe TVXQ is always 5? ‘Cause I’m not sure what is the right thing to do. And where is the right side must be choosed?

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What Should I Say . . . . . ?


They said that “sengketa hukum antara JYJ dan mantan manajemen Jepang mereka, Avex, telah berakhir.”

WHAT? I’m surprise. ~o~

But then, I’m speechless. Nothing can be say. Or should I say “HORAY”, that’s mean that I’m happy too to let them free in doing their own activity in Japan. Of course, I’m happy. They have their own right to do. And I’m support it. They must continue sing because it just like their live to sing. BUT, as JYJ? This thing that might made me little disappointed. JYJ? 😦

In fact, just silence. Silent is the one thing I do when I knew this news. No responses. I’m not really sure what exactly the reason for I’m being like this. BUT, just one moment I think it’s not change many things? Is it right? It’s just change the free of activity in Japan for JYJ. BUT, is it also possible to let them doing free activity in Korea. Just by that mean is it also possible to conciliate and end the dispute between JYJ and SM? I hope . . . . .

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[Vids] Share “The Story of TVXQ!”

Sekadar mau share aja. Mungkin ini video fanmade di-upload juga udah lama, tapi aku baru liat kali ini. Dan memang keren banget. Kerennya bagaikan fakta yang sesungguhnya dan apa adanya. Benar-benar membuatku berderai air mata untuk kesekian kalinya. Namun, kurasa kali ini yang paling parah. Sebelumnya tangisanku nggak sederas yang kali ini. Huhuhu.. 😥 *Mian, jadi curhat*

The Story of TVXQ (English Version)

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[Lyric] 東方神起 – Winter Rose & English Translation


冬の星座のように 街路樹の灯り
Fuyu no seiza no you ni gairo ju no akari
The winter stars, the illuminations on the roadside trees

空を覆うベールに 雪の音がする
Sora o oou bēru ni yuki no oto ga suru
The veil covering skies, the sound of the falling snow

Hanare te i ta jikan o dai te dakishime te
Hug, hugging even the times we were apart

One kiss そっと my love もっと
One kiss sotto my love motto
I want to kiss you softly, my love, more and more

Fukaku tsutae tai
I want to convey my deep feelings to you


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