Hellloooo…. Annyeong,,, yeoreobun..!!!

Mendengar berita tentang TVXQ! di masa-masa mereka wamil seperti saat ini itu bak mendapat siraman air dingin ke tubuh pas udara lagi panas-panasnya. *apasih, abaikan LOL*

In a nutshell, admin merasa sangat excited masih ada berita yang bisa di-update dan di-post dari TVXQ Oppa, seberapapun sepele itu beritanya :). Langsung aja deh, dilihat dan diperhatikan baik-baik photobook yang akan segera dirilis ini.. Hope to be soon~

Check this out!



TVXQ akan segera merilis photobook spesial yang bertajuk “HELiOPHiLiA!”.

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[NEWS] JYJ Junsu is the Next Artist to Sing ‘Descendants of the Sun’ OST?

JYJ Junsu is next in line for ‘Descendants of the Sun’ OST.


On March 18, C-JeS Entertainment announced the news on their official SNS. A picture of Junsu with bright red hair is seen reading over the lyrics. The captions followed, “Are you surprised? Please wait a little bit for the music. Coming Soon.”


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[UPDATE NEWS] TVXQ’s Changmin and Choi Siwon to Enter Military Today With Leeteuk and Kyuhyun Sending Them Off

TVXQ’s Changmin and Super Junior’s Choi Siwon are entering military today heading to Chungnam Nonsan Army Training Camp with Leeteuk and Kyuhyun seeing them off.

Their agency SM Entertainment previously announced, “There won’t be any special event planned for the press or the fans at the site of their departure. Please understand that we’re respecting their wishes to leave quietly.”

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[UPDATE NEWS] TVXQ’s Changmin Shaves His Head Before Military Enlistment

TVXQ’s Changmin is starting his mandatory military service tomorrow, but before then, he made sure to shave his head army style.
Changmin is letting fans in on some of the journey with a video of himself shaving his own head. He definitely seems hesitant at first, but he gets more comfortable about it as time goes on.

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[Notes] Wisuda Purna Siswa Ke-XXI (20.05.14)


Yey! I’m back with share again about my story… 😀
Last 20 May 2014, I’ve done my graduation ceremony for my Senior High School ladder…. Woooaaahhh.. Na neomu neomu haengbokhae!!!! Even just my mother who could come to that event. Father, brother, nor sister couldn’t attend my WISUDA 😦

But, it’s alright… Semuanya terbalaskan dengan kebahagiaan kelulusan pada hari itu. YES! Puji Tuhan, semuanya benar-benar seperti yang kuimpikan dan sangat kuharapkan 😀

Wisuda kali ini moment sekali seumur hidup dalam SMA, di mana harus mengenakan hem putih lengan panjang dan juga rok hitam, serta berdasi hitam pula. Rasaya kaya terhormat banget gitu, haha *abaikan*

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What Should I Say . . . . . ?


They said that “sengketa hukum antara JYJ dan mantan manajemen Jepang mereka, Avex, telah berakhir.”

WHAT? I’m surprise. ~o~

But then, I’m speechless. Nothing can be say. Or should I say “HORAY”, that’s mean that I’m happy too to let them free in doing their own activity in Japan. Of course, I’m happy. They have their own right to do. And I’m support it. They must continue sing because it just like their live to sing. BUT, as JYJ? This thing that might made me little disappointed. JYJ? 😦

In fact, just silence. Silent is the one thing I do when I knew this news. No responses. I’m not really sure what exactly the reason for I’m being like this. BUT, just one moment I think it’s not change many things? Is it right? It’s just change the free of activity in Japan for JYJ. BUT, is it also possible to let them doing free activity in Korea. Just by that mean is it also possible to conciliate and end the dispute between JYJ and SM? I hope . . . . .

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