I Believe . . . . . !!!!!


Annyeonghaseyo, Dong Bang Shin Ki imnida!!!

Tohoshinki desu!!!

For Cassies, don’t you often hears those kind of words in introduction? Of course! YES! I believe every Cassiopeia all over the world really often to hear those kind of words. It’s not strange anymore to be heard. Because our princess, are always said that.

For me, it’s still sounds good to hear there is still a harmonization of voice there. BUT, don’t know why, it feel strange ~actually, why?~ The words is the same, but the one who said is different. That’s why might made it so strange…..

AND, what I’m really supposed to curious is that, every single time you heard it, have you ever felt like there is something missing? Personally I admitted that I always do. Always see it as a something really odd because of the voices, the two who said that is felt like incomplete in my ears. Especially when I realize the existence of the two of them, not the five of them. I’m surely certain that’s it because in my mind I always believe and regard TVXQ as 5 members in it. Am I wrong? To believe TVXQ is always 5? ‘Cause I’m not sure what is the right thing to do. And where is the right side must be choosed?

Then, by always thing like TVXQ is always five, is that means that I can not accept the fact bout them till now? No Cassies want to accept this kind of dispute, don’t you? But, I believe many Cassies have work hard too, try to accept all this and those miserable fact.

It’s still hard for me. Let me prove it! I much like to watch all the video about past DBSK or Tohoshinki as five better than to watch or hear others songs of TVXQ as HoMin nor JYJ. Again I said, don’t know why. And sorry to say, I even also much interest in TVXQ as HoMin than in JYJ. That might happen cause the HoMin is bring the name TVXQ, the one name which I like, I love, for the first time. That’s it.

But, totally I still like them, all of them, five of them. ‘Cause their all are my princess, my love which I hate for the first time I watch it. But then, till now I always believe that they are really my everlasting favorite idol. Really truly my idol, one and only, however your condition, I accept it.

Therefore, I don’t want and always hope will not turn away for lovin’ you oppa, as my favorite talented idol. So, whenever it is, I struggle to bear everything bad to change it to everything exciting. Whenever it is, I’ll be waiting for you, for your comeback as five, for your reunite as one, for everything your effort to be the one, for all Cassiopeia who have waiting a long time for you, guys over there. Waiting is the most important to do to support you, it need more patient to wait might 1 year, 2 years, 3 years, 4 years, 5 years, or might till the time we’ve never known.


But, I still want to be Cassiopeia, hope to the end. Real Cassiopeia to feel truly 5 of TVXQ active in their career, no matter how late it is. I still believing they will comeback in five, don’t care whenever it is, don’t care how late it is, don’t care however their age, how old they are, don’t care wherever it is, don’t care for what reasons, don’t care by who, or don’t care many difficulty they must endure, I believe, sometimes they will make it happen. Make it true & real as fact.

They still have many time to reunite again as one, eternally. Just like what Micky Yoochun’s create and said in their “Kiss The Baby Sky!”







WE’RE THE ONE ! ! !   ETERNALLY ! ! ! ! !


NB : Don’t bash me…!! It’s just my imaginary hope & dream which I flow in my abstract words. MIAN! *Bow*

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