What Should I Say . . . . . ?


They said that “sengketa hukum antara JYJ dan mantan manajemen Jepang mereka, Avex, telah berakhir.”

WHAT? I’m surprise. ~o~

But then, I’m speechless. Nothing can be say. Or should I say “HORAY”, that’s mean that I’m happy too to let them free in doing their own activity in Japan. Of course, I’m happy. They have their own right to do. And I’m support it. They must continue sing because it just like their live to sing. BUT, as JYJ? This thing that might made me little disappointed. JYJ? 😦

In fact, just silence. Silent is the one thing I do when I knew this news. No responses. I’m not really sure what exactly the reason for I’m being like this. BUT, just one moment I think it’s not change many things? Is it right? It’s just change the free of activity in Japan for JYJ. BUT, is it also possible to let them doing free activity in Korea. Just by that mean is it also possible to conciliate and end the dispute between JYJ and SM? I hope . . . . .

I might dreaming to high….. But this is just one wish I really wish. Truly wish I really want to make it happen. Please end it all, all the lawsuit, all the boycott, and everything. Let them choose their own way. Don’t force anyone. If the HoMin side want to continue their career just by the two of them, then continue. Same as the JYJ side, if they want to continue their activity as solo or in the name of JYJ, go ahead. But, it’s better to do it together as five I think. And I’m sure that is what Cassiopeia all over the world wanted. Let them happy in their own continuous life. Don’t be too hold on them on right rein. Set them free~ *fly away hope*

At last, I admitted that what I reallly really want is just to let and see them gather again as five. Sing all their easy-listening songs with their amazing voice of harmonization of the five sweet melodies. Just those thing. If it could really happen, then I’ll become the happiest or might the craziest happy person, because just by that really come true, I’m sure I will really feel what is truly being Cassiopeia, BigEast, iCassies, fansclub of Tong Vfang Xien Qi, Dong Bang Shin Ki, Tohoshinki, TVXQ! as have five God members in it . . . . . *WISHING*


NB : Don’t bash me…!! It’s just my imaginary hope & dream which I flow in my abstract words. MIAN! *Bow*

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