[Poetry] A Wish Upon Cassiopeia (Hannapeia)


This poem which I use to be read for the mark of English public speaking in the class about reading a poem. I think it’s the special one poetry by Hannapeia that inspired by Cassiopeia & TVXQ! Thank you for made such a beautiful poem. I’m proud to be Cassiopeia because of this…!!! Gomawoyo…!!! 🙂


by : Hannapeia

Another day yet passed by

Today ended with another sigh

Things have gone with a blink of an eye

That’s how fast time can fly.


It was never that easy to say goodbye

My heart is broken, I cannot deny

My mind is confused, it cannot lie

Could you feel my pain? Could you hear my cry?


It’s been so long, since my last smile

It feels good to let go once in a while

If you measure my heartaches, it’d reach a mile

If tears are accessories, I’ll always be in style.


In the darkness of the night, I sit alone

Ever since you left, the place I call home

It has gone now, it has flown

Starting tonight, I’m on my own.


On the gloomy sky, I focused my stare,

And saw a constellation of five stars, shining in flare

To compare them to others, I would not dare

There, I admired them, under the darkness we share.


It was the Cassiopeia; beside the moon is its throne

Among all the others, it brightly shone

To the seduction it weaves, I am prone

For being the most brilliant, it is known.


The five shining stars, they represent

The effort, concern and time that I’ve spent

The love and care to you I’ve lent

Falling too hard for you, was never my intent.


Under the night sky, here I wish

Set my heart free from anguish

The pain inside, may it vanish

Happiness and joy let it flourish.


The stars that are shining, they comfort me

Another hope, another chance, they guarantee

The constellation of Cassiopeia fills me with glee

Assuring that there’s a bright tomorrow waiting ahead of me.




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